North Circuit

Truijllo - Chiclayo

The other Peru: the Northern circuit.

Discovering the Peruvian preincaic kingdoms, from the mochic culture to the remains of the Chimu kingdom to Chan Chan, from the Valley of the Pyramids of Túcume to the archaeological and natural complex of Cumbe Mayo, up to Cajamarca, mythical place of battle between the Spanish conqueror Pizarro and the last Inca emperor Atahualpa. Along the route that winds from Cajamarca to Chachapoyas meet Leymebamba and the magnificent necropolis of Revash, where painted rock tombs resemble characteristic dwellings.

We recommend this trip to those who already know the south of the country and want to learn about places that are hardly hit by mass tourism but are growing fast.

North Circuit

Truijllo - Chiclayo

1 - From Lima to Trujillo there are direct flights of about 1 hour 30 of journey.
Or with the Gran Turismo Bus Service, even night trips lasting about 8 hours.

2 - The transfer from TRUJILLO to CHICLAYO or vice versa is not necessary to book, just go to the terminal and there are departures every hour.

3 - Excursions and local visits where reservations are not required can be managed independently on site, individually or with the support of local contacts.
In the hotels where you will stay there will be a tourist service that you can use to organize any kind of visit.



Trujillo - North Circuit Churches and Ancient Colonial Casonas easily self-managed inquiring about visiting hours and contracting a taxi


Chan Chan - North Circuit It is located 4 km west of the city.
It was the most important nucleus of the CHIMU culture, it is considered the largest mud city in the world and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Visiting hours 09:00 - 16:00


Huacas del Sol y de la Luna - North Circuit Archaeological sites located 4 km south of the city.
Huge edifices of adobe even more than 20 meters high built by the Moccica culture, the Huaca del sol is considered the highest Pyramid of Fango in Peru.
Visiting hours 09:00 - 14:00


Huaca del Dragon - North Circuit One of the best preserved ceremonial centers; At 4 km north of the city.
Surrounded by an impressive 3000 m2 wall.
Inside there is a site museum.
Visiting hours 09:00 - 16:00


Huanchaco - North Circuit Beach 13 km from the city.
Balneario center and fishing village famous for its traditional caballitos de tortora.
Vegetable fiber boats (taupe barrel) used for fishing.



Sipan - North Circuit Archaeological monument located 29 km from the city where in 1987 the richest and most important pre-Hispanic Tomb discovered in America was discovered.
La Tumba Real of Senor de Sipan, a young Moccica dignitary from the 4th century AD.
Numerous Chiclayo agencies organize visits to this site.


Piramidi di Tucume - North Circuit Located 33 km from the city, it was an important center of the Lambayeque culture, it consists of about twenty adobe pyramids, almost 40 meters high, and other smaller buildings built all around.
At 2 km from the Pyramids is the pueblo of Tucumè, famous for its Curanderos.
The archaeological site has an important educational museum.


Lambayeque  - North Circuit Located 10km from the city.
Ancient town of colonial architecture.
With the casonas of the center, the Cathedral and the church of Santa Catalina, San Francisco, San Roque, y Santa Lucia.
Here is the famous Bruning museum with a spectacular archaeological collection from the late 19th century.
Museum visit hours:
From Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 16:30
Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

  • Always follow the directions of the guide on excursions
  • Adaptation to stretches of uncomfortable road and long transfer times
  • Drink lots of fluids
  • Sun glasses
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Local currency for small purchases
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Shirt and long pants

Trujillo, the capital of the department of La Libertad, enjoys a mild and dry climate (the annual temperature is 19 degrees centigrade), which has made it worthy of the title of "City of Eternal Spring".
The best time to visit the Amazonas department is between May and October, which is the dry time.
During the rest of the year there is heavy rain, which is very irregular.
In this region of Peru, located in the neighboring area of the forest, the average temperature is 20 degrees Celsius and the humidity is 74%.
Even if it is a hot area, the visitor should not trust too much as there are areas where the temperature can reach up to 2 degrees Celsius.

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