White Cordillera

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When you think of this wonder of South American the Cordillera Blanca not something that crosses your mind.
The Cordillera Blanca is a set of mountains located in the Andes.
It extends along 200 kilometers, is 6 thousand meters high and has about 700 glaciers, which give it the name of the "Cordillera Blanca".
This mountain range is extremely important for Peruvians since these ice formations are the main water supply for most of the country.
These mountains are also the location of some of the best landscapes, the most authentic food, and the most beautiful villages in Peru.
What probably makes these mountains the best secret destination in South America.

White Cordillera

Huaraz - Cordillera

The "Muy Generosa" city of Huaraz capital of the region of Ancash, capital of international friendship and capital of Andinism in South America, is one of the most modern cities in the Andean region of Peru.
Located in the heart of the Peruvian Andes about 408 km north of Lima Huaraz is surrounded by the Cordillera Blanca and Negra forming the famous valley known as Callejon de Huaylas considered as one of the major tourist destinations of Peru due to the beauty of its landscapes and monuments archaeological Pre Inka and Inka, is a privileged city to preserve a natural, cultural and human wealth.
From LIMA to HUARAZ BUS GRAN TURISMO service (about 8 hours) or LIMA-HURAZ flight (about 1 hour 30 minutes).


Pisac - White Cordillera Departure from your Hostal around 9:00 am, heading north of the valley (Callejòn de Huaylas) visiting Carhuaz, Mancos, Ranranhirca, Yungay Sepolta, Las lagunas and Llanganuco.
Return to new Yungay and visit of the city of caraz (Lunch), in the surroundings of the Plaza de Armas you can taste Manjar Blanco in one of its Milk-based factories... a tasting of the typical fruit ice creams and liqueurs that are produced in the area.
Return to the hotel around 18:00.


Urubamba - White Cordillera Starting from the Hostal around 9:00.
Cultural excursion of history and archeology passing through the cities of Recuay, Càtac and Laguna Querococha where the landscape is truly amazing and you can take beautiful pictures... cross the Cordillera Blanca passing through the impressive Cahuish tunnel (4550 m) and arriving in Chavin where you will visit the city and its millennial temple.
Return to the city of Huaraz around 18:00.


Chincero - White Cordillera Head to the north of the Callejon, near tarica (30 minutes from Huaraz), where the climb begins to the pre Incas ruins of Joncopampa.
Arriving we will meet a lovely waterfall and the beginning of the Quebrada Akilpo to continue with a guided tour of the ruins.
On the way back to Huaraz you can visit the Monterrey thermal baths or the Chancas thermal baths near Marcarà.
Expected duration of this visit from 8:00 to 16:00.


Maras - White Cordillera Starting early in the morning around 7:00 am, you can pass Calle Olaya, the only one that remained standing after the terrible earthquake of 1970, to visit after the archaeological museum of the Plaza de Armas.
Then continue going up to the Quebrada Llaca.
Visit the lagoon which takes the same name at 4000 meters at the foot of Nevado Ocshapalca (5888 m) and Ranrapalca (6162 m) where you can walk 10 minutes to reach the refuge of this Quebrada up to the lagoon.
From here you start to descend to visit the Pre Incas ruins of Wilkawain at 3300 m.
End at the Monterrey thermal baths where you can enjoy a relaxing bath.

NOTE: All these proposed visits are Full day and you can book and organize easily in Loco through local operators and the numerous local agencies even inside the Hotels and Hostales where you will be staying.

  • Drink lots of liquids and Matè di Coca
  • During trecks at high altitude, walk slowly and avoid unnecessary efforts
  • Respect the environment and nature
  • Always follow the advice of the guide

  • Sunglasses to protect you from the Andean sun
  • Face creams and sunscreens
  • Treck or sport shoes for excursions in the valley
  • Fleece jacket and windproof for shelter from the cold

A dry climate and a pleasant and impressive blue sky are typical of the days of Huaraz, which is located at an altitude of 3,091 meters above sea level.
The region has two well-defined seasons: from May to October it is the season with temperate and dry, ideal weather for tourism; while from November begins the rain season that lasts until April.
The average temperature during the day is 18° C with a tendency to fall during the night up to 9° C.

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White Cordillera

White Cordillera