A destination that needs no introduction, converted into a magnet for travelers around the world thanks to its impressive archaeological sites.
Cusco is our main tourist destination and repository of culture and history that the traveler can breathe in every corner of the city and its surroundings.

Cusco hides dozens of historical and naturalistic attractions preserved with jealousy, circuits of lagoons, traditional pueblos that seem frozen in time, trekking routes that combine history and adventure in a spectacular way; a gastronomy that draws on the best of 5 continents and blends them with local traditions to produce exceptional results; and dozens of popular festivals that dress the streets and squares of the city with colors and joy.

Welcome to the land of INCAS.


Plaza de Armas - Cusco The imposing Plaza de Armas surrounded by the city's cathedral and the Society of Jesus.

At the time of the Incas it was called "Huacaypata", a word that in Quechua means place of crying or encounter. It was an important ceremonial site in which Inti Raymi or Festa del Sole was celebrated every year.

It was the place where Francisco Pizarro proclaimed the conquest of Cusco.
With the arrival of the Spaniards, the square was transformed; stone arches were built and the buildings surrounding it were built.

Returning to the Cathedral, the building followed two phases: first the Chapel of Triumph was erected on what was the ancient temple of Suntur Wasi (House of God), then the cathedral was built on the Inca Viracocha palace. In the façade the Renaissance style predominates, as well as in the interior of the church characterized by numerous sculptures in cedar wood and alisso. The choir and the pulpit stand out for their beauty. It preserves an important collection of paintings from the Cusco school and objects in embossed silver.


Qorycancha - Cusco According to the Inca concept it was the religious center of Cusco, geographical and political center.

The Church and Convent of Santo Domingo in Cusco have remained stable over the centuries thanks to their solid foundations: here stood Coricancha, the most important temple of the Inca Empire, dedicated to the Sun. The splendor of the past is still visible in the outer walls and in the inner gardens; the colonial architecture of the religious complex is also magnificent.


Mercado of San Pedro - Cusco Walking for about ten minutes from Plaza de Armas there is the Mercado San Pedro of Cusco, the classic covered market where you can wander through an authentic triumph of scents and colors, stopping at food counters to taste typical freshly prepared dishes.


Museo Inca - Cusco A must in the discovery of local civilization, the Inca Museum of Cusco offers the visitor a complete historical overview from valuable artifacts such as gold objects and finely painted furnishings, to reconstructions of archaeological sites and mummies in good condition.

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