Its historic center is the most fascinating and best preserved in the Andean country. It is characterized by its 500 casonas coloniales. Also known as the “white city for its buildings built with the "sillar", a stone of volcanic origin, it has maintained its colonial style over the years, even after several earthquakes, without remaining insensitive to modernity.

It is also the second Peruvian city by number of inhabitants and in 2011 its historic center was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site..
If you travel in Peru you cannot miss this “gem”.
The city is characterized all year round by a very pleasant climate: 20 degrees during the day, while towards evening the temperature drops to around 10, but the beauty is that there is always the sun!
Its altitude is 2335 meters and it rises at the foot of the Misti Volcano which is visible from every part of the city.

Monastery of Santa Catalina

Monastery of Santa Catalina - Arequipa It is the largest monastery in the world, it will not be enough for half a day to wander around its narrow streets and lose yourself in its cloisters and gardens. Founded in 1580, it was the home of the cloistered nuns who made a vow of silence for life, it is still inhabited by nuns, but most of it is used as a museum. The architectural complex is entirely decorated in Mudejar style, typical of the Iberian peninsula after the Arab domination, proof of this are the names of the internal lanes that reflect the city of the Spanish empire.

Plaza de Armas

Plaza de Armas - Arequipa This square, beautiful at the first light of the morning, is even more beautiful at sunset when the sun falls behind it. There is nothing more pleasant than observing the everyday life of the town from above, perhaps sitting in one of the many tables that are found in the loggias and surrounding the square on all sides, drinking something hot or sipping an aperitif and admiring it at the same time the neoclassical Cathedral, the true protagonist of the square.

You may come across art galleries, libraries, historic buildings that have been renovated ad hoc, typical Andean style rooms alongside other super modern ones that would not look out of place in any European or North American location. Also not to be missed is a visit to the colorful San Camillo Market, and some exclusive shopping in the Claustros of the Compagnia di Jesus, a complex of perfectly preserved cloisters, a stone's throw from the main square. A pleasant walk is the one that from the center, passing through the Grau bridge, leads to the Barrio of Yanahuara, from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city and the Misti volcano.

Andean Sanctuary Museum

Andean Sanctuary Museum - Arequipa This museum set up with great skill, able to create an atmosphere that becomes more and more suggestive, was established to preserve the mummified body of a young girl found in the Andes and can be visited only as part of a guided tour. The visit begins with the screening of a beautiful 20-minute film that explains how Juanita, the "ice maiden", was discovered on the top of Nevado Ampato in 1995. The guides - well-prepared university students - then accompany you in a series of rooms with soft lighting, in which various artifacts are exposed, discovered by the expedition that found the girl's body. The tour culminates with the body of Juanita, a 12-year-old Inca sacrificed to the Gods around 1450, kept in a refrigerated display case. The visits last about an hour and take place in Spanish, English, French and Italian.

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