North Tour MapA proposal for those who have already visited South Peru and wants a better understanding of preincas cultures in the North: Caral, Chavin, Chimù e Moche, Mochica, Chachapoyas.
The organization makes transfers by off-road car with a guide speaking Italian and being expert of these places.
The road from Chachapoyas to Cajamarca is unpaved and in inconvenient conditions.
In Tingo and Leimebamba, where there are archaeological sites of extraordinary interest, the nights are planned in small structures, the only available.


North TourYou'll have the departure from your hotel at 8:30 a.m. and we'll begin with the visit of archaeological centres of Chan Chan, the largest metropolis in the world "adobe" (bricks made of mud and straw), we'll continue in the direction of Huacas of the Moon, of the ages of and Moche, cultures that are developed in northern Peru from 300 to 1300 A.D.
After lunch we'll visit the Huanchaco beach where people still plays the traditional fishing with the "caballitos de tortora".
Round trip to the hotel and overnight.


North TourIn the morning visit to the city of colonial architecture whose most important examples are the Cathedral, the Church of the Compania and the colonial houses.
After the visit we'll leave for Lima (210 km - 3 hours), and during the way we'll visit the Huaca of Brujo, with major recent discoveries.
Arriving in Chiclayo, accommodation at the hotel, overnight.


North TourDay dedicated to the knowledge of pre-inca civilizations of northern Peru whose treasures found in the graves recently discovered are stored at the Museo Tumbas Reales of Lambayeque.
We will continue towards the pyramids of Tucume, typical of Lambayeque culture.
Time for lunch and then departure in the east direction to arrive to Chachapoyas (430 km - about 8 hours) located at 2230 meters in the mountains, on the edge of the Amazon forest.
From the mountain pass of 2800-m above sea level) we'll go along the Rio Chamaya and the Rio Utcubamba, both tributaries of the Rio Maranon.
Overnight in Chachapoyas.


North TourIn this area there are important archaeological sites pre-inca of recent discovery, not known by the classic tourism.
Visit to the colonial centre of Chachapoyas and excursion to the funeral niches of Carajilla, reachable by a short walk.
Overnight in Tingo.


North TourExcursion to Kuelap and visit to the ancient city perched on a top of a mountain of 3200 meters of height, an extraordinary ruine of the age of "Chachapoyas" (1000/1500 AD).
After this visit we'll return to Tingo and then we'll go to the Leimebamba village where we'll see the little Museum built in 2001 preserving the 200 mummies discovered in 1995 in a reef on the shores of Laguna de los Condores.
Overnight in Leimebamba.


North TourWe'll visit the city of Cajamarca (254 km - about 9 hours) along a little track not very easy but of considerable impact for the beauty of its landscapes.
We'll go up to the Barro Negro mountain pass (3680-m above sea level) before we'll go down in the narrow valley of the Rio Marañon, an important source of the Amazon.
We climb up again on a hill at 3050 meters around Celendin where the landscape becomes "Alpine" with forests of fir trees and pastures up to Cajamarca .


North TourVisit to the colonial city where the Inca Atahualpa was killed by the colonizers decreeing the end of the Inca Empire, of niches of Otusco and of the Cuarto de Rescue.
In the afternoon transfer to the airport and flight Cajamarca-Lima.

N. B. :

This Tour may vary in its stages and in the path according to the discretion of the guide if climatic conditions or way conditions of some stretch of the trail so required.


Tour in Trujillo

Chan Chan - Huacas della Luna - Huanchaco - City tour

Transfer in Chiclayo by private Van

Tour in Chiclayo

Tombs of the Reales Senor de Sipan

Piramides of Tucumè

Transfer to Chachapoyas by private Van

Tour in Chachapoyas

Funeraries Niches of Carajilla


Museum of Leimebamba

Transfer Chachapoyas - Cajamarca by private Van

Tour in Cajamarca

City tour

Niches of Otusco

Cuarto del rescate

Expert Guide speaking Spanish

Tickets for visiting the archaeological sites and museums

Lunches and dinners from Chiclayo to Cajamarca

1 night in Trujillo

1 night in Chiclayo

1 night in Chachapoyas

1 night in Cajamarca

1 night in Tingo

1 night in Leimebamba

In Hotels (3 stars) with private bath and breakfast included


Lunch and dinner in Trujillo

Flight to Lima

The tips and everything not specified in the program

BE CAREFUL (safety rules)

Do always the guide tells during the excursions

Be patient when the way is no good and if the transfers require long times

Drink a lot of water



Waterproof jacket

Local currency for small purchases

Comfortable shoes

Long sleeve T-shirt and long trousers

Trujillo, the capital of the department of La Libertad has a mild and dry climate (the annual temperature is of 19 centigrade degrees), making it worthy of the title of "City of Eternal Spring."
The best season to visit the Department of Amazonas is between May and October, which is the dry season.
During the rest of the year there is a lot of rain in very irregular manner.
In this region of Peru, located in the area bordering the forest, the average temperature is 20 centigrade degrees and humidity is 74%.
Even if it is a hot area, the visitor must not rely on this thing too much because there are areas in which the temperature can reach up to 2 centigrade degrees.